Japan’s Labor Shortage Harming Olympic Setup

If you’ve ever been anywhere that has hosted the Olympics (Atlanta, for example), then you know how many structures have to be built and put together in order to ensure that everything is done as it needs to be done. So, Japan is going to have the Olympics in a few years, and they are starting the process of getting ready for this exciting event to come to their country. The issue is, they have run into a huge problem – they aren’t able to do the work that effectively because they don’t have the labor to do it.

Much like the United States, the Japanese have a knowledge and entertainment based economy. Laborers are not as common as they used to be, and so it can be difficult to find people who are going to be able to do those sorts of laborer jobs. Even the unemployed can’t help much, because they don’t have the skills in order to do the amount of labor that needs to be completed in this professional manner. In short, there just aren’t enough hands to help everything get rolling.

So, what can they do about it? In some cases, they’ve talked about hiring from outside the country and having people come in to take care of things. In other cases, they have done what Japan always does best – they have tried to figure out technologies that can help them with as many building jobs as possible. Drones, self-driving dozers, and other various tools are being considered and explored and tried out in order to help balance the issue that comes with Japan’s labor shortage at the moment. It seems that they are starting to make progress now, but as the time of the Olympics gets closer, it will be left to see what happens with everything that needs to be constructed for the event.

What do you think about these issues? If you were part of the Japanese government, what would you recommend in order to try and figure out this problem? Would you be willing to go and help depending on how much they would reimburse you for doing so? Share your thoughts in the comments and let us know how you, as a contractor, would be willing to work through these sorts of things and if you would be able to help in this sort of situation.